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Swiss success at the IWT Casino Heroes Swedish Open in Malmö: Christian Schäfer and Patrick Lorenz win the Men’s doubles B category! Not even in the finals was another team close to a victory. Our two Swiss tennis players only needed six points in tennis to secure their first title together; another title for Schäfer to add to his already won gold medals. It has been the third international doubles victory (2x with Michael Strässle) for him in a row. Moreover, winning for him is almost normal, but winning 3 table tennis matches is unusual indeed!
Lorenz who seemed to get used to winning, was unbeatable in the Men’s B singles category! He’s proven to be a top player in Men’s B already in Antwerpen and Prague as he stood on the podium already twice before. After an impressive come back in the quarters in squash (he was 1:11 behind after the first half of the set and thanks to Schäfer’s tactical support 11:21 at the end of the set) against English squash player Will Coley, he could finally celebrate his first ever international victory.
Schäfer was the only Swiss in an Elite draw and had to face one of the many Swedes already in round one. Unfortunately, it was Emil Gunnarsson, the best Swede in the draw. Nevertheless, he was able to find a way back into playing matches after a small injury break. He will be back in Langnau on Saturday for sure!
Graham King is also finding his way back on court after a longer injury break. Although, he is not fully back yet, he could manage to win bronze in the +60!

With Susan Rutschmann and Fabius Bernet, two other players completed the Swiss delegation. They were fighting for every point with the same passion as our medal winners. Rutschmann was not far away from winning a medal too!




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