Nussloch - Take two

According to a well-known English polar climate scientist attending the Nussloch Racketlon tournament, climate change could cause warmer and wet weather in central Europe. All 13 Swiss players certainly can confirm the warm part of that statement after the weekend. Upon arrival they were told that the organizers decided not to put up a pool unlike the last few years. After the spontaneous protests almost morphed into riots, the demand for a pool was met and the games could begin.

It was the second tournament in Nussloch this year after the double world champs in spring. On Friday champions league and doubles were due. The Swiss Army Knives 1 with captain Benjamin Gränicher could almost defend their third place from the first leg, coming in fourth at the end. Not bad for being seen as the weakest team by the expert panel. Swiss Army Knives 2 with Dara Ladner as captain and Graham King as player were able to win at least their last match to end it with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Despite differences on who is supposed to play on which side on the tennis court, Esther Dübendorfer and Michael Strässle secured a silver medal.

In the singles category Benjamin Gränicher in the elite class secured another podium, beating his opponent 21-0 in squash for third place. Oli Bühler managed a notable first round win also in the elite class. Esther Dübendorfer dominated the women’s B and Tanja Omlin came in at fourth place. Graham King, as always and despite eye problems, marched throught the field into the final in men’s +50 for a silver medal. Also attending (some more than others) were Simon Engler, Arno Graf, Leonard Ladner, Beat Ladner, Christian Schäfer, Lukas Spring. For the very attentive reader one name might be missing, but it is he, who must not be named (on his wish).

Benjamin Gränicher

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1. Benjamin Gränicher
2. Cédric Junillon
3. Patrick Casanova-Lorenz
4. Christian Schäfer
5. Yannic Andrey
6. Nicolas Lenggenhager
7. Magnus Ekstrand
8. Michael Strässle
9. Nico Hobi
10. Niki Schärrer

1. Nicole Eisler
2. Valeria Pelosini
3. Adeline Kilchenmann

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