Malta Open 2017

Simply lovely!

That was the motto of the small Swiss delegation with Nicole Eisler, Graham King, Marc-André Rauber and Patrick Bürgi participatng in the Malta Open – the tournament with the mix between competition and holidays.

The most successful Swiss player was Nicole Eisler. She won the Women’s A Doubles competition together with her partner Zuzana Severinovà from Czech Republic and bronze in the Women A category which was won by Astrid Reimer-Kern. In the Men’s A draw FIR president Kresten Hougaard won gold. Eisler closely missed a 3rd medal in Mixed Doubles.

Marc-André Rauber was the other Swiss player who jumped onto the podium together with his Finnish Partner Ari Kujala in the +45 Doubles. Furthermore, ending 4th in the +50 category, Rauber wasn’t far away from a second medal either.

For once, Graham King turned home without any medal in his suitcase. After close defeats in the group matches of the +40 and +50 categories he didn’t qualify for the medal matches.

Patrick Bürgi reaching twice the quarter finals had to focus on the cool down programm in the pool too early. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good alternative.

The Malta Open is famous for it’s holiday like atmosphere. The weather was the perfect pool weather even though the temperature of the water was quite chilly already. Other highlights were the boattrip to the Blue Lagoon and to share time with people from other countries having delicious meals, singing songs and laughing together – simply lovely!

Patrick Bürgi

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