Last man standing in Vienna

Just three Swiss players found their way to the Austrian Classic. One of the older tournaments in the Racketlon history made a big change to their schedule. Cutting it down to a two day event, it was a grueling schedule for the players who played three categories.

Cyril Hohl again won the men B doubles, this time with his French partner Anthony Duthuillé. Winnig this category twice within four weeks, it might be time to go for higher honors and start competing in the elite class.

Not being tempted to go out the night before the tournament, Oliver Bühler played a superb first round against the Croation Mikac. Blocking like a madman in the table tennis and delivering destruction on the badminton court paved the way to his victory. In the next round he tired Morten Jaksland to make it easier for other players after him.

The change in the schedule suited Benjamin Gränicher quite a bit. Having to play three singles matches in one day proved too much for all of his opponent. With Emanuel Schöpf, Arnaud Genin and Morten Jaksland (who twisted his foot in the semis), he beat three top ten opponents in a row to win his first title since 2016 and the first Super World Tour title. He could not even be stopped by the doping control before the finals. Finishing the last match just around midnight still left him enough strength to directly dominate the players party as well with excellent wingman Oliver Bühler.

Benjamin Gränicher

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Aktuelle Rankings (1. Dezember 2022)

Herren Einzel
1. Benjamin Gränicher
2. Nico Hobi
3. Oliver Bühler
4. Christian Schäfer
5. Cédric Junillon
6. Nicolas Lenggenhager
7. André Bandi
8. Joshua Zeoli
9. Patrick Casanova-Lorenz
10. Yannic Andrey

Damen Einzel
1. Nathalie Vogel
2. Valeria Pelosini
3. Nicole Eisler
4. Adeline Kilchenmann
5. Myriam Enmer

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